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KOS WE CARE – the campaign

Last Updated on Dezember 12, 2020 by Anja

Whoever follows my blog will know that not everything on Kos is great.
Especially, when it comes to environmental and animal welfare. For me personally, this is a very important issue, since it accompanies my everyday life and I ask myself daily, why these problems are not under control, despite the small size of the island.

The main source of income on Kos is tourism,  through the social media,  the Government Authorities on Kos should also be aware that many tourists are disturbed by the garbage and lack of respect for animals.

But the improvements are minuscule and the majority from private persons.

Maybe the presence in the media is not enough? Not for long! 😉

Together we can reach further than each of us can alone.
This theory has proved itself with the fundraising  for our animal welfare associations in winter.  With your support we have achieved so much. A big thank you all at this point.

I think with this campaign, we can achieve much more:
Under the hashtag and motto „Kos We Care“ I would like to draw attention in the social media to the  beautiful and not so beautiful sides of  the island.

It is very simple:  Please post during  your holiday or afterwards photos on the Facebook group “Kos We Care” or on Instagram with #Koswecare – a site that is connected with mindfulness.

Here are a few examples to help you :

  • Which of your favorite taverns attaches importance to local products or even the self-cultivation? Where is the fish or meat sourced from?
  • Garbage mountains have been spotted somewhere in the countryside?
  • In which hotel are the towels  changed on request?
  • Which hotels refrain from plastic cups, straws?
  • Which local product do you like or like best (eg olive oil, wine, honey, self-created souvenirs or jewelry)

Let’s be a good example and take responsibility:

  • you see an animal that needs help? If possible, help with food, water or inform the local animal welfare associations.
  • Plastic waste on the beach? Collect it and throw it in the next garbage bin.
  • Support our local animal welfare as a flight escort, help a dog / cat make their way to a new home.

There are certainly many more impressions of mindfulness and sustainability during your stay here on Kos.

Please take a photo of your experiences and share them with us. It should not be a hate campaign against the island. Only a clear demonstration of grievances and criticisms. But also the request of people, hotels, shops and restaurants that are committed to sustainability.

Imagine that we get so much attention through the action that something really changes?

As the saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words.
Maybe it also spills over to other destinations, because a lack of environmental and animal protection is not only a Kos problem.

The whole action is supported with bags and stickers, – for each one sold 10% is donated to a non – profit organization of the island assisting needy families, animal welfare groups, individuals who are committed to helping others.  –  Both products are on sale in the Tam Tam Shop and in ftou me in Old Town.

But first of all, it is important that you share your experiences, make the campaign known. Be part of the community that makes Kos Island even more attractive. Through our own initiative, our favorite places remain as beautiful as we remember them.

„Our destiny does not depend on the stars, but on our actions.“
– William Shakespeare

The bags and stickers  or both as special offer can be also purchased online.